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Programming NOAA Weather Radios:

This varies depending on radio manufacturer and model. We encourage you to closely read the manufacturer’s instructions on how to program the radio. Unlike many electronic items sold today, the programming steps are not as intuitive and require reading the instructions before programming.

For all radios, you will need the FIPS code for Lee County. It is 037105. Please make a note of this in your instruction book. For other counties' FIPS code, please see the following link:


Additionally, in Lee County, you are more likely to get better reception from Channels 4 or 7.

Placement of Your Radio:

If at all possible try to place your radio where you sleep. However the radio's operation will be based on reception of the radio signal. Test by turning the radio portion on where you begin to hear weather information. This radio operates like a regular AM/FM radio, where you can sometimes get a signal in some areas of your home and not others. If placing your radio where you sleep does not allow it to receive a good signal, move the radio near a window in your bedroom. If you have difficulty receiving the radio signal try a different channel. If this does not work, you may require an external antenna to be mounted outside your home or run up a wall. Again, it is extremely important for the radio to be placed where the audible tone will wake you up. Please see manufacturer’s directions on where to obtain such an antenna and follow the instructions on connecting and placing the antenna.

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