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Q1.1) Where is LCAS located and what are the hours of operation?
Q2.2) Who do I contact for an after hours emergency and what constitutes ...
Q3.3) What does LCAS do?
Q4.4) What do I do if I get attacked or bitten by an animal?
Q5.5) Do we provide any medical treatment for the animals at our shelter?
Q6.6) How long do we hold animals at the shelter?
Q7.7) What is the adoption process and how much does it cost to adopt an ...
Q8.8) What kinds of animals do we take into our shelter?
Q9.9) Who do I call if I find a wild animal or have issues with wildlife?
Q10.10) What do I do about unwanted stray animals on my property?
Q11.11) Who can drop off animals to LCAS and is there a fee?
Q12.12) What do I do if I have lost my pet?
Q13.13) What do I do if I have found a dog or cat?
Q14.14) If I find my animal at LCAS is there a fine for me to get it back?
Q15.15) Does LCAS pick up injured animals on the side of the road?
Q16.16) Who picks up dead animals in Lee County?
Q17.17) What vaccines are required by law?
Q18.18) Does LCAS provide Rabies vaccinations?
Q19.19) Does LCAS investigate animal cruelty cases?
Q20.20) Are there leash laws in Lee County?
Q21. 21) How can I make donations to LCAS?  
Q22.22) Is there a SPCA in Lee County?